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Seige » Just bloghopping!
K@ » as beer is my witness, I will catch up on your blog before I leave the glory of free internet this morning...
Dig » I am SO with you on that.
lolo » summer tends to have that effect on things. the electronic realm just can't hold a candle to sunlight
Dig » And a brief lull followed...
Ant » That oil crash site reminds me of the stuff my sister Sharon used to send me about Y2K All of that was also based on solid evidence that the world as we knew it was going to end in 2000.
pete », they won't survive just fine. Unless by "many" people, you actually mean a "minority" of people. Which is an outcome I consider to be unsatisfactory.
Dig » That's stupid. Many people will survive just fine without civilization. But only if they have some idea that they're going to have to. That's one of the key reasons I put this site together.
pete » ..starving in the cold?
pete » If it's really that bad, and there is really nothing you can do to provent such an inevitable outcome, why dont we all form a suicide cult so that we dont have to watch everyone we love die slowly...
pete » ...and we're all going to DIE when we run out of oil? Seriously, what is the point of that book? TO MAKE MONEY SELLING PARANOIA!
pete » Yeah, really interesting. Same crap, different cover on the book... What is interesting about saying "we cant break our dependence on oil becuase nothing else makes enough energy...."
TaylorJane » You kids would do well to look at this site; for interesting stuff.
dig » Please do, xaos. May I return the favor?
xaos » awesome blog!!!!! permit me to link you please!
Dig » I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you're having a good time.
lolo » still, expect something from me in the next week or so... blogging is a time-consuming activity
lolo » here i am, finally with some time to post, and I can't because they're updating the server.
pete » That wasnt an attempt to argue my point of view, that IS my point of view.
Dig » Gee, that's an intellegent way to argue your point of view.
pete » you're all wankers
Ant » Hmm, that was bitchy, but altitude does that to me apparently. Perhaps not entirely warranted, but tell me this Shara, what are you doing to work for change?
Ant » Nor is mindless bitching. Have you considered therapy for your confidence issues? We talk about different things, because we wish to; if you don't like it, why are wasting your time here?
Shara » Maybe instead of all this pointless discussion you should start working for some kind of real change. Writing isn't going to make anything better.
Shara » Well said Kaliste. All I see at this website is geniuses giving themselves hard-ons with how damn smart and well read they are.
hipgno » damn. that's a fairly worthless approximation of an ancient piece of wisdom. i'll see if i can find the quote.
hipgno » When your leader is benevolent, counsel him and tell him what you really think. When a leader is a fat bastard, just do your thing and don't piss him off. He'll kill himself eventually.
hipgno » there's a confucian proverb concerning tyranny that i won't sully by attempting to quote, since i can't remember it, but it essentially says that leaders change like the seasons.
Ant » Lolo, could you take your comment and make it a post? There's a lot there, and it'll be better read and seen in the main. Good points - ones that bein in China has had me thinkin about.
Ant » That's pretty much the Chinese view. They have a totalitarian government - but they also have stability and no hunger. India has democracy, and starvation.
Dig » Recent point from NPR- more than 50% of Latin Americans would prefer tyrany if it would bring them food.
lolo » also, rather than tear into us, why not offer something up for a valid discussion. itīs easy to criticize in one sentence rants, give us something substantial
lolo » and its not like idealogical thievery is anything new, everything new is based on something that was pre-existing.
Ant » The entire Internet "is a morass of opinionated views", genius - where have you been?
Dig » The accusation of plagerism is a pretty stiff one. Care to offer any proof?
Kaliste » All I see here is a morass of opinionated views plagiarized from authors who were all trying to sell you something.
Kaliste » You're all a bunch of self-congratulatory wankers. Not a one of you is discussing anything at all.
dig » My bad. I was thinking 1800s
TaylorJane » Correction to you Timeline : <the industrial revolution and its subsequent surge of urban growth didn't kick off until the 18th century> It actually didn't kick off till the 19th century.
Lolo » I am so never going to have enough time to devote to this discussion. Still, I'll chime in when i can.
Dig » One more thing- the whole culture is the oppressor's side of the culture.
Dig » And, also... I rather resent being held accountable for the actions of people other than me. What my ancestors did is, and should not be considered, indicative of my character (or my comrades')
Dig » Don't get me wrong; I'm still working on unpacking the privelage backpack. But jeez, if white men aren't allowed to be progressive, the world is really really a lot more fucked than I thought.
Ant » "still part of the opressors side of this culture". Wow. If you're ever in Eugene it'd be awesome to snag a cuppa coffee with you. Maybe after it you'd be less presumptious about 3 ppl u don't know.
Ant » Presuming? dunno about that. We're interested in how things might play out, or what might go into it, and we're always up for a discussion.
Shara » and even if you are all wonderfully enlightened white men, you are still part of the opressors side of this culture.
Shara » I just find it more than a little ironic that 3 white males (whos ancestors are directly responsible for this culture) can be so presuming about its end.
dig » Diversity is important. We should all strive to make it a part of our daily lives, and I think I can say that all three of us do. But there's no reason to feel bad if there isn't balance.
Ant » "a good balance of gender?" Nope, but please keep reading & commenting. We're also a trio of white 20-something Yanks, so race, generation, ethnicity, nationality and religion are also out of whack.
K@ » ...personally knowing all 3 of you, I don't see that as an issue...sorry for answering a question directed at someone else
K@ » i think gender of the authors shouldn't matter, so long as all are open-minded to and conscious of all viewpoints, no matter what perspective they come from
Dig » But you've got me thinking. Should it have been? If so, why? Or, why not?
Dig » Actually, all boys. This, mind you, was not in the design. I picked the co-authors I did on the merit of having engaged with me in these sorts of discussions with me. Gender wasn't an issue.
Shara » So...these are all boys? Or is Lolo a girl? Is there a good balance of gender on this blog?
Lolo » it's all just aesthetics, does it really matter? we should be getting to the meat of the debate- I'll have something posted by next week.
Ant » It's 1152 x 864. Tried it at 1024 x 768, which didn't look very good... and also at 800 x 600 - which was frightening - the images were massive.
K@ » i like the look of the third one, the chaotic spray-painted outline of the second one, and the message/layout of the first one, if that helps
dig » Good point. I want to work on it some though. On size, what screen resolution have you?
Ant » hmmm... only if it were smaller. those banners are really, really really big. Reason I dig the top one more is that it gives the feeling of conflict, with civilization in the middle or in the balance
dig » Interesting. Consensus on the Tribe is the third one down. I came to change to it, but let's see how it plays out a little first.
Ant » top banner, w/ the riot lines and buildings.
Dig » Oh, and they're actually GIFs
Dig » It's a matter of finding the right site. Most of them won't let you, but I found one that (at least for the time being) does.
lolo » how did you get it to accept jpegs from non-site sources? i'm having issues with that on another of my blogs
lolo » i dig the contrast of the indigs with the autos, but i also liked the protester vs. cop aspect. I really like the side design.
dig » Testing some new looks. Down for feedback.
Dig » Aha! I got it!
Dig » I'm working on it...
lolo » mmmm we've been forbidden. what a luscious word. forbidden. verboten. kinjiru.
Dig » Hale, hale, the gangs' all here. Time for the great debate to begin. I'll be posting something heartfelt and thoughtful soon here,
Ant » Oh we shall, m'dear, we shall. Dig - can't wait to see you 2nite mate. I've got a wee somethin' for us, too
Dig » I plan on it dear, and I look forward to it greatly
K@ » diggin' it - you'll see me around here more often, and you and Ant should argue more about tribal survival vs. self-sufficient living
dig »
lolo » woot! visitor #42
Ant » Dig - great stuff so far. As always, I love to play devil's advocate Keep it coming mate!
dig » I hope it does. Really, in large part, it's just supposed to be a way to get me writing regularly (what with me not being in shcool and all right now). Peace
lolo » much love to your site, may it provoke some truly informative dialogue and help us on the path toward the end of civilization.
hipgno »
hipgno » wowzers. nice work, dig!
dig » Testing testing 123...
Dig » Okay, so I decided to use this Tagboard function. So leave a message. Dialouge is important, right?